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NHL Playoff Betting 2017

With the playoffs just around the corner its worth taking a look at the main rivialries and see who its worth taking some longshot bets on to win the entire playoffs.

Edmonton Oilers

They are not my favourite team by but there is no denying that Oilers Captain Conner Mcdavid is giving Sydney Crosby a run for his money in the points department. He is creating quite a buzz with his acceleratingly better play and is looking to be one of the best players ever.  Reminicent of the days of Gretzky in Edmonton there is a real buzz around the city and the team that is looking to make the playoffs foir the first time in years.  With momentum from thier captain  – The Edmonton Oilers look like a great bet for a longshot to win the 2017 Stanley Cup.

Montreal Canadians

Well if you know me you might say that I’m biased here but I think that you should give me a chance and here me out.  There is no team in all of Hockey history that has won moreLord Stanley cups than the Habs.  With that said and thier recent coaching change to get them out of a rut, I believe that the odds far outweigh the chances of them winning it all with the 2017 Stanley Cup and make an excellent Playoff Bet.

Pittsburg Penguins

Well of corse Sydney Crosby has something to do with this one, he is the best NHL player when up against the ropes and when it counts.  The penguins are the best offencive team this year to date with 197 goals for – more than any other team.  They are also in the playoff contention, battling with the Washington Capitals for supremacy in the Metrepolitan  That momentum should carry through as it did last year to win the cup.  I would say that they are the odds on favourites.  So why pick them now – the idea is to place a long bet – with so many other teams in contention at this point in time the odds are long against Pittsburg to win.

Best Place To Bet On The 2017 Stanley Cup Winner Now

Now you may or may not agree with me on my top 3 picks for to win the 2017 Stanley Cup, You may have your own pick and reasoning.  The thing to do now is to put your money where your mouth is remembering that there is a lot more money to be made.

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