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Sports Betting Sites 2017

You are here because you want to fin the best sports betting site to bet real money on from Canada.  Being Canadian you will want to bet on hockey of coarse but also NFL and CFL football, NBA Basketball, baseball, golf, tennis, Premier League soccer and more.

There is a huge advantage to using an online betting site compared to Sport Select or Pro Line

  • Get better odds (Fair Odds)
  • Bet on single games
  • In play betting
  • Fantasy sports
  • Bet on more games
  • Bet and get paid without leaving your house

There is a big advantage to Canadian sportsbooks vs US sportsbooks.  Canadian sportsbooks are legal to bet at in Canada and the best names in the business are availble to us.

If you feel you know who the winner is going to be that edge can win you a lot of money.  Factors like home field advantage are scientifically proven to be true, and the odds for a game can be out of wack depending on the prevailing public optinion of a team.

Just look at the billions of dollars that were lost and won on the 2017 superbowl with Tom Brady leading the Patriots on that remarkable comeback against the Atlanta Falcons. Those crazy swings won players hundreds of millions in the final 2 minutes of the game.

Playoff Betting is coming up with the 2017 Stanley Cup, The Canadians are my favourite to win and we all know that the leafs don’t have a chance because they suck.  Sorry I just had to get that off my chest.

Having been a sports bettor scince before you could bet online, ive known my share of bookies as well.  I remember one night in particular meeting in the seedy Vicount Gort bar in Winnipeg and collecting $2500 under the table, when it cought someones eye that something was going on.  The bookie and I had 5 guys watching us until we took off in a crowd an hour later, I just made it into my car and a couple of punks were running across the parking lot at me and tried to open my car doors.  Im sure those guys knew what was going on.

Carrying a lot of cash is one thing but paing the extra juice of the bookie is another.  With the advent of the internet and licenced sports books coupled with instant electronic transfers, betting on your favourite sports has never been easier.

Not all online sports betting sites are created equal, some are downright rip offs that give you shit odds or downright steal your money.  This is why you come to me, I am your champion for finding the best sports betting sites for Canadians to bet real money.  Thats what I do – I admit I make a small amount for the players I send, but it is only in my interest to send you to the most reputable sportbooks.

Why would you choose a betting site that I reccommend?  This is a great question – and this is why: I get paid over the long term, I make no quick bucks so the websites that I pick are in my opinion the ones that you will be the happiest at over the long term.

It also makes no differnce weather you win or loose because my commission comes out of the juice.  Seeing as I get paid over the long term, I want you to be a winning bettor so I will publish tips, and tricks to become a better puntor.

Scince our interests are aligned, The first thing that you are looking for besides the best Canadian sports betting site for the long term is a sweet bonus to get you started.

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